Hermes II FidoNet 1.0b1

This is the first release of the new FidoNet external for the Hermes II BBS. In previous versions of Hermes II, FidoNet functionality came in the form of a Generic Import/Generic Export processing system and a set of AppleEvents to communicate with external FidoNet mailers. With the release of Hermes II 3.5.9b2 and this new FidoNet external, all of the FidoNet mail tossing functionality is now resident in the BBS itself. In addition to the Formula1 mailer (now part of the Hermes II Project), this forms a complete FidoNet system for the Hermes II BBS.

As this is the first beta version of the new FidoNet code, it will not yet completely replace the existing FidoNet implementation in Hermes II. In other words, not everyone should use Hermes II 3.5.9b2 and this FidoNet code. Please read this document completely before deciding to install the FidoNet software. Note that if you are currently using FidoNet with your Hermes II BBS and do not wish to use the new system, you cannot upgrade to Hermes II 3.5.9b2. No support for the Generic Import/Generic Export system exists in the latest beta version.

FidoNet features supported in FidoNet 1.0b1:

Limitations of FidoNet 1.0b1:

Although some of these limitations may look severe, Olympus is currently using this exact beta of the FidoNet code. The only significant issue that affects us is the lack of EchoMail forwarding, which will be resolved in the next beta.