Hermes II 3.5.10b3

Hermes II 3.5.10b3 is the first release of the Hermes II BBS to incorporate the new, Python-based Hermes API Runtime. Externals built using this new API are easier to developer, will run on other platforms, and are relatively future-proof when compared to the old, Pascal-based external API.

Major features added in 3.5.10b3:

Minor features added in 3.5.10b3:


Bugs fixed in 3.5.10b3:


Hermes II 3.5.10b2

This version was not publicly released.

Hermes II 3.5.10b1

Hermes II 3.5.10b1 picks up where 3.5.9 left off by adding TCP/IP download support to the X-, Y-, and Z-Modem protocols.

Major features added in 3.5.10b1:

Minor features added in 3.5.10b1:


Bugs fixed in 3.5.10b1: