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Current Release

Hermes II 3.5.9 is the latest official release of the Hermes BBS. 3.5.9 adds the following features to Hermes:

System requirements:

Hermes II is free software! Use the following links to download Hermes or read the full release notes:

Beta Release

The current beta release of Hermes II is 3.5.10b3. The following major changes have been made since the release of the 3.5.9 version:

Coming soon in the 3.5.10 beta cycle:

Additional system requirements (beyond the current release):

Everyone is encouraged to download the beta version of Hermes and try it out with their BBS. The current beta version has been running on Olympus for quite some time and is very stable. If you do find a problem, make sure to send me a bug report!


Every FidoNet installation requires two components: a tosser and a mailer. On a Hermes II BBS, the tosser is provided by the FidoNet External and the mailer is provided by Formula1.

FidoNet External

Versions of Hermes II after 3.5.9 do not include built-in FidoNet support. Instead, the FidoNet code has been moved into an external.

The latest release of the FidoNet external is 1.0b1. The following features are supported:

Features that are not yet implemented, but will be supported in 1.0:

Use the following links to download the FidoNet external or read the full release notes:


Formula1 is the official (modem-based) mailer for the Hermes BBS. Massimo Senna gave me a copy of the source code in 1999 and has allowed me to distribute my modified version of Formula1 for use with Hermes. The FidoNet External uses a special interface to communicate with this custom version of Formula1.

Use the following link to download the latest version of the Formula1 mailer for Hermes: